Effects of Meditation


Mind of nature, complete happiness

When my mind rests, I rest

Everyday meets newer myself, the most beautiful sensation one can achieve


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More than 330 locations around the world,

Maum Meditaiton center offers daily guided meditation classes.

You can go to the nearest location at your convenience and meditate.

Anyone can practice the subtraction method and

get instructions at each and every local center.

It includes daily lectures and lessons for your guidance.



Real experiences, changes in life

Maureen testimonial


When I first started the meditation, I had many fears regarding my job, my family, my health.

I felt like I was never good enough and consequently was very sad and pessimistic.

After a few months of practicing meditation, I felt lighter, happier and many my fears just dropped away.

I have completed the 7 levels of this meditation and my life is truly joyful.

This meditation is miraculous and creates permanent change.



I listened to the instructor’s talk about the teachings and it all made so much sense. After a couple of visits I begin to notice a great change. I would come home and my wife said I was glowing with energy. I have been less stressed and a much happier person. I feel like now that the smile I walk around with is real.


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